About Us

About us

The Chaotic Soul Clothing brand is on the rise as we offer a wide range of clothing options as well as accessories. When we design and bring new products to you, we value style and comfortability equally. When we consider the design and materials in our products, we are confident that you will love how they fit, feel, and look. Our products go through a quality check before we ship them to you.


Our purpose

Everything we do at Chaotic Soul Clothing (CSC) is in the name of style and comfort. We rotate our selection to fit the current seasons and trends. Hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, and leggings are the kings of comfort, but we don’t stop there!

We believe that comfort is nuanced and different for everyone. So instead of boxing ourselves in, we branch out to touch everything we can! Dresses from casual to skater girl, pants from casual to loungewear. As well as offer accessories like sunglasses, necklaces, pendants, bookbags, purses and more!

Our Mission

We don’t want to paint ourselves in a box and neither should you feel free to express yourself to the wildest of your imagination. Cool and flashy, unique and stunning, calm and laidback, quirky and outgoing? We have what you’re looking for.

Why stay dormant? Try a new look or three, explore what makes you happy! Many of these designs and products are in our own closets and are personal favorites. We want to share this with you! We love them and don’t want you to miss the opportunity to have a new favorite as well.

Our Resolve

We pride ourselves on our ever-growing selection if you don’t see something you like feel free to contact us and give us your feedback. Your input is greatly appreciated! Here at Chaotic Soul Clothing, you are the driving force behind what we put here please feel free to contact us!